Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many boards can I upload?
    You can create as many boards as you like. In fact, the more boards you create and complete, the better! You will be gaining inspiration and motivation for your good choices.
  2. What happens when I share one of my boards?
    When you share your board on Facebook, the tool will create a link to your board that people can click on. It will be posted on your Facebook wall with the same privacy settings you usually use for wall posts. When you share your board on Twitter, you can edit the text that you tweet. The tool will automatically add a link to your board for you so that your followers can click to see it. When you share your board by email, you just need to fill in your own email address and your friend’s email address. Your friend will receive an email from with a link to view your board. You can also print your board and pin it on your wall, or save it as an image and use it as a screensaver using the Print and Save sharing buttons. It’s a great idea to share your boards. However, if you’d prefer to keep your board private, you don’t have to share it to enter the competition.
  3. What do I do if I can’t upload my own images from my computer?
    If you’re having a problem uploading images from your computer onto your board, there could be two reasons for it.
    First, the images you are uploading might be too big: that is to say, they have a very large file size. Just like on Facebook, the pictures you upload must not be bigger than 2MB. Second, if you are using an Apple Mac, you won’t be able to load images from your own computer. You can still use the images from the image library. We’re sure you will find some inspiration there!
  4. How do I crop images?
    Simply click on the image you have selected and, while holding down the mouse button, pull the corners of the little box that appears until the area you want to include is highlighted.
  5. How do I increase the size of the cropped square when I add images to a board?
    To increase the size of the cropped square when you add images to your board, place your mouse cursor over one of the corners and click and drag the square open. To move the cropped square, click in the centre of the highlighted square and drag the box so it highlights the part of the image you want to use.
    Just a quick note: The Good Choices tool automatically knows the shape of the block you are adding any image to, so the shape of the crop area will be fixed so that it fits perfectly into the block. The tool can’t zoom in to an image, but if you want the image to be larger, rather put the picture into a bigger square.
  6. Is there a limit on how many words I can put in a text box?
    Yes, there is a limit, but it depends on the size of the font you use. When you use a bigger font, fewer words can fit in a text box. If your words don’t fit, you can either use a smaller font, or change the words you use.

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